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Just a quick entry for now, I’ll try to find some video frames to post later.  I chased this day, my target was Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Shortly after arriving there, a cell fired to the east that would track through the New London Area.  I traveled east out of Stevens Point on US 10 and through Waupaca where I grabbed WIS-54 to follow the storm east.  Just prior to New London I drove through the core of the storm and was pelted with quarter and ping pong ball size hail that gave a few new battle scars to my chase vehicle.   Winds were easily 60 MPH as large trees were uprooted and a few 24-inch diameter limbs were snapped, blocking entire roadways.

The storm also drenched the area with copious amounts of rain causing flash flooding around the New London area.  Many of the roadways were flowing with one to two feet of water, making travel very difficult.  I, myself, had an interesting time trying to get out of town as nearly every road was flooded.  The one that I drove through, water was up past the bottom of the car and splashed across my hood as I drove through.  After the storm had passed, many electrical and tree crews were already out clearing the mess as many roads had tree debris on them, blocking travel in some cases.

All in all, a pretty cool storm, but no tornadoes spotted.  Tornado was about the only thing the storm didn’t do.  I didn’t get any regular photographs since I was in a torrential rain for the most part, when I go over my video later I’ll see if I have any frame grabs to post.

Chase Recap

Grass Lake, MI @ 20/1149Z Grass Lake, MI @ 21/0445Z 16:56 None None
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