June 20th through the 22nd looked like a decent opportunity for a three day chase. The 20th featured a belt of westerlies across the northern portion of the CONUS while a low with attendant cold front in the Dakotas was progged to drift to the southeast into the midwest. East […]


August 20, 2010 – Central Wisconsin

Just a quick entry for now, I’ll try to find some video frames to post later.  I chased this day, my target was Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Shortly after arriving there, a cell fired to the east that would track through the New London Area.  I traveled east out of Stevens […]

With everyone’s eyes on the event predicted for the 19th, overlooked was the “day before” event that was setting up along the TX/NM border.   Target of the day, for me, was Dalhart, Texas in the northwestern Panhandle of Texas.  Forecasts were showing a low centered in southeast Colorado with a […]