November 11th presented an opportunity for the first chase in a while. A powerful system with a 120kt 500mb jet was moving into the Central Plains atop a deepening surface low that was going to pull 60 degree dewpoints into the target area. Coupled with a strong low level jet […]

Still recovering from the long drive back home on the 22nd, another chance for severe weather in Iowa presented itself for the 24th and only being home for 24 hours before heading back there made me question my sanity. Nevertheless, the storms are a callin’ and the forecast looked decent enough […]

I hadn’t planned on chasing in southeast Iowa on this day. I had actually taken the day before off and took a leisurely drive along the Mississippi River to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin where I stayed the night. Little did I know, I’d end up driving past the hotel I […]

June 20th through the 22nd looked like a decent opportunity for a three day chase. The 20th featured a belt of westerlies across the northern portion of the CONUS while a low with attendant cold front in the Dakotas was progged to drift to the southeast into the midwest. East […]

May 10th was the last day of my 5 day mini chasecation and although there was an enhanced risk of severe weather along the Missouri River into Iowa, having to work the following day limited how long I could hang out in the target area. Nevertheless, it was on the […]