Just a quick entry, Michigan was in a slight risk for the day and I left work early to go after the storms that had started to crop up to the west. A line had started to form with embedded cells, so I shot up north towards Charlotte to get […]

This entry will be short and sweet as it kind of was a surprise event and I wasn’t expecting anything like this for this day. As such, there was no forecast that went into “finding the target.” The majority of this day was luck based, perhaps a bit on positioning […]

Nothing too exciting to report for this day.  SPC had most of Lower Michigan in a slight risk for severe storms, but I wasn’t terribly interested in the day.  I was sitting at home keeping an eye on the storms near Grand Rapids when the southern cell started to appear […]

(Just a quick upload, didn’t plan for this day, chased the early supercell after Battle Creek then went out again to the lakeshore to catch the tornadic supercells coming across Lake Michigan.  Followed the supercell from Fennville all the way home, here’s some photos of the CG Lightning.  That storm […]