June 25th was the final day in a four day stretch of roaming the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains. My goal was to hopefully find a decent storm north of the Minneapolis metro area after the previous two days in the Dakotas were complete busts (although I did get some […]

The night before in Emporia, after celebrating a stellar chase day in Kansas, Jonathan and myself were deciding whether or not to get up early and make the run north for the moderate risk in Wisconsin. As far as we were concerned, it was sort of on the way home, […]

Probably the deepest sleep ever for me after being up for 42 straight hours the day(s) before and driving 1,475 miles.  We awoke relatively early in Aberdeen to move east into Minnesota to get in position for the chase this day.  We were expecting a very unstable airmass across southern […]

I had taken the 13th and 14th off of work to high tail it up to western Minnesota to see what the weather would have in store for me and while the 14th was supposed to be the bigger outbreak day, the 13th was the better day for me.  Although […]